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    Marianne Noisette
    Little Big Planet Website
    Recorded in Dec 2011 at Greene St Studios, LA.

    Marianne is almost entirely constructed from cloth. Her hair is made up of small strips of blue patterned cloth. Her head is made up of a white cloth bag, with various pink and purple shapes stitched on. Her Face consists of a cartoon-ish mouth with large, mismatching eyes, and a triangle shape replacing the nose. Her body is made up of a cloth spiral with multiple buttons sewn on. Her arms and legs are bent springs, her hands are two bells, and her feet are pink and possibly plastic. She speaks in a high-pitched voice with a french accent.

    When Colonel Flounder plummets himself and Sackboy down a menacing tunnel and into the weird world of The Land Of Odd, he decides that Sackboy and himself must part ways. Sackboy hops off and is shortly introduced to Marianne as well as her hardships, piecing together all broken things she finds in this ravaged land. She asks for Sackboy’s help in clearing her world of Hollows, who have been stealing her fixed creations.